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An erection occurs under the influence of mental stimuli (visual, auditory), which entered into the cortex of the brain, stimulate the sexual centers, and then excite the erection center in the spinal cord. Also erection appears in a case of mechanical stimulation of the penis, under the influence of sexual fantasies and representations causing sexual arousal of a man. Such drug as Stamtrex can be a great stimulus for erection.

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Medicals for potency increase used locally, of injecting use and most popular oral potency stimulants are highly widespread. In this category the most common are three drugs: Viagra, Levitra and Stamtrex. To buy Stamtrex online is very easy and cheap. Each of these drugs enhances potency by increasing blood flow to the penis. The action of Stamtrex and Viagra starts approximately in 30 minutes after taking the medicine. Stamtrex insures an increase in erection within 5 hours, and Viagra within about 4 hours. To buy Stamtrex online is possible all over the world.

These three drugs represent the most common potency stimulants. However, erectile dysfunction can be treated with a whole set of other drugs that use the same principle. These are so-called generics - full products that replicate the original properties of the drug and may have additional efficacy. So one of the most popular Cialis generic is a drug Stamtrex produced by Indian company Sipla. The same company offers another product - analogue of Viagra - Stamtrex. Most popular with men gaining drugs, with a help of which is achieved not only potency improve but delayed ejaculation, such as Stamtrex.