Filitra 40mg


The mediation Filitra 40mg under generic name vardenafil is purposed for the treatment of male impotence. It functions as a stimulator for a blood flow in the penis therefore stimulating erection. Mind that the medication is for male use only.

The medicine is taken one time a day approximately an hour before you plan sexual activity. It is important to remember that the drug doesn't evoke actual longing and only assists in getting erection.

Be careful when taking Vardenafil Filitra 40mg with other drugs as their interaction can change the final effect of the treatment.

Heart problems, troubles with pressure, liver, kidneys, and ulcer or else are contraindications for the drug administration.

If you have high blood pressure or problems with prostate and take alpha-blocking drugs, suffer from chest pain and use medications which active compound is nitrate or you use "poppers" do not take the medication.

Levitra can evoke some adverse effects and provided you have signs of allergic response stop taking it and consult a doctor. In case of overdose, apply for medical aid at once.