The most popular erectile dysfunction pills

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that faces many men, especially the elderly men, but there are many erectile dysfunction pills one can take. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erection or to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse and it can be very frustrating. Erectile dysfunction pills are available in most pharmacies and it is no longer shameful to admit that one has erectile dysfunction.

One can also get these pills from the internet and the advantage of getting the pills from the internet is that it is very convenient since one does not have to walk to get them, it is cheap because one can compare prices on different websites and can even get free samples, one can get the exact dosage they want, one can get free consultative services and it is private since most websites have a privacy policy and even the packaging is done to conceal what is inside.

These erectile dysfunction pills all serve the purpose of giving a hard erection after some minutes and giving stamina. Most erectile dysfunction pills are prescription drugs and are sold in different dosages and one should seek medical advice before any purchase to prevent medical complications.

Erectile dysfunction pills are mostly synthetic meaning that they will have side effects. This is because the human body was made to intake organic chemicals only such as those in the foods we eat and any synthetic chemical will cause a chemical imbalance in the body which can lead to serious complications.

All major erectile dysfunction pills have generic versions of the drug. The major advantage of generic versions of these drugs is the fact that they are cheaper while still maintaining the quality of brand name drugs. These drugs have been approved by the relevant government agencies also and they are available online.

Viagra is the most popular of these erectile dysfunction pills and the name Viagra is just a marketing name for the drug Sildenafil citrate. It was the first drug to be used for ED treatment and other uses of the drug are in sports to enhance performance and prevention of plant wilting.

Verdenafil which is marketed and sold under the trade name Levitra is another one of these erectile dysfunction pills. Cialis is an alternative to Viagra and Levitra and it serves the same purpose as the two. The similarities of these drugs are enormous and the only differences are such things as how long the erection takes.

Before taking these pills, one should consider other options and herbal treatment of ED is a good alternative since it has such advantages as having less side effects and being cheaper. Whichever of these three or any other erectile dysfunction pills that one chooses, it is important to seek the doctor’s guidance.